aaien met je ogen

Aaien met je ogen (Stroking With Your Eyes) is about play, specifically the way children and artists do. It also investigates what happens when they play together.

A child learns about the world through exploring their senses. In a similar way, an artist plays with material, sound and movement to expand their comprehension and expression.

Using mirrored pages, translucent drawings and die cuts, this book design gives you that child’s perspective. With it you learn through play. It helps you observe the everyday in a new way and even discover that hidden artist or revive your inner child.

commissioned by Kleintjekunst
services book design & concept
credits Cathalijne Smulders - text, Puntgaaf Drukwerk - print, Jooske Hommes van Dooremalen, Chantelle Pickee - text editing 


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