de hortus

Identity design for De Hortus, Amsterdam's beloved botanical garden; one of the oldest of its kind in the world.

The new identity is based on the expansive diversity found within nature, and the importance of allowing it to grow in its own way. The plants found in the gardens and greenhouses of De Hortus inspired the creation of an extensive collection of organic shapes, true to scale, that feature throughout the identity.

Seasons play an important role in the evolution of De Hortus. Through spring, summer, autumn and winter the garden changes. Shape, colour, temperature and smell all vary. The new identity reflects this. Each season is assigned its own colour palette marking that particular time of year.

Together the shapes, colours and photography not only celebrate the vivid beauty of nature but also its importance.

commissioned by Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
services identity design, print design, online visuals
credits Barbara van Amelsfort, photography garden

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